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If you still have more questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact DSSC President Mike Pearson.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to join?

A: The Delta Ski & Snowboard Club is open to all ACTIVE and RETIRED employees of Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, and DPS. Your membership allows you, your family members and guests to get steep discounts off lodging, lift tickets, equipment rentals, ski school lessons, and retail when you attend one of our sponsored ski weeks!

Q: I work for a Delta Connection Carrier - can I join the Delta Ski & Snowboard Club?

A: Every airline has their own ski club, but Delta has a long tradition of "adopting" a lot of the smaller clubs - you'll have a lot of fun hanging out with us! New for 2018, Delta is sponsoring the Delta Connection carriers for NAASF events. We've paid your NAASF club fees already, so if you come to a ski week, you can race and earn points for your club with no worries! You're welcome to come to our Tuesday night Club Dinner as well - just let us know you're coming!

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: Annual dues for the Delta Ski & Snowboard Club are just $30! This covers you and your family for the season and any guests you bring to one of our sponsored ski weeks!

Q: What do I have to do to join the Delta Ski & Snowboard Club?

A: It's as easy as the "DSSC 1-2-3"...
1. Click on the "JOIN US" button in the navigation menu - This form that follows collects the information we need for our records and gets you on our email list so you have all the latest information about the club and our events!
2. Pay your Club dues right on this website!
Create an account on - Online pre-registration is required for all of our domestic ski weeks.

Q: What is NAASF?

A: NAASF stands for North American Airlines Ski Federation. As the name implies, it embodies the ski clubs from all the North American airlines and acts as the organizing and bargaining agent for our three domestic ski weeks every year. NAASF negotiates the discounted rates that our members enjoy at our domestic ski weeks and is the sanctioning body for our airline ski and snowboard racing league. NAASF also runs the NAASF Foundation. All Delta Ski & Snowboard Club members are required to set up an account at to participate at our ski weeks.

Q: What does the NAASF Foundation do?

A: The North American Airlines Ski Federation Foundation was created in 1983 to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants or gifts to deserving individuals and organizations involved in competitive skiing programs. The Foundation operates under IRS 501(c)(3) status. Throughout the years the North American Airline Ski Federation has raised over $120,000 to benefit junior ski programs, junior skiers, and many individual charities through its foundation. NAASF raises these funds at the airline ski weeks held throughout the winter.

Q: What is IASF?

A: IASF stands for the International Airlines Ski Federation. It is comprised of the airline ski clubs from all over the world. Similar to NAASF for our domestic ski weeks, the IASF acts as the organizing and sanctioning body for our one international ski week every year, and for our ski and snowboard racing league.

Q: What is the WASC?

A: WASC stands for the World Airlines Ski Championship. It is a friendly annual snow sports competition among the members of IASF, held in different ski resorts around the world. Member clubs compete in alpine Slalom and Giant Slalom skiing, Snowboard Dual Slalom, Nordic/X-C Sprint, Distance, and Relay events. The 2018 WASC is being held in Kitzbuhel, Austria. In 2019, it will be held in Bad Kleinkircheim, Austria.

Q: What kind of discounts do Delta Ski & Snowboard Members get?

A: When you attend one of our sponsored ski weeks, you can expect to see up to 59% off the listed lift ticket prices, up to 15% off lodging costs at the participating properties, 15-50% off ski and snowboard rental costs, 15-30% off ski school and lessons, and 15-30% off on retail items at participating stores on the mountain!

Q: What happens at a ski week?

A: We have fun! We share our passion for skiing and snowboarding with our coworkers and colleagues from other airlines, we do some racing, and we have parties every night (including one theme party at each ski week!)!! And we do all of this at steep discounts which make it incredibly affordable. Check out our "What is a Ski Week" page for more info!

Q: How do I register for a ski week?

A: Every Delta Ski & Snowboard Club member must create an account on To register for a NAASF ski week, you simply log in to the NAASF website, click on the "Ski Weeks" menu button, then click on the week for which you wish to register. Click on the "Register" button, and fill in the form and submit it. Now you'll show up in the Team Captain's list of attendees! You complete the registration process on the mountain at a designated place, where you'll pay the Resort Registration Fee and purchase your discounted lift tickets.

Q: If I join the Delta Ski & Snowboard Club, do I have to race?

A: Yes! I mean, NO! While we owe our club's existence to our racing heritage, it is NOT mandatory for club members to race! Once you attend a ski week, however, you'll see just how much fun racing can be! We offer racing events for every level skier, from beginners to experts. Our "A" team is mostly made up of experienced racers (high school, collegiate and professional), but our "B" team is for everyone else and is designed for fun and to help new racers learn what they need to know if they set their sights on becoming an "A" racer!

Q: What is the Resort Registration Fee?

A: The Resort Registration Fee is charged by the resorts to cover their administrative costs for the week and to pay for the extensive work their race crew does for us. It also includes the cover charge for all of our parties during the week. Starting in 2020 it is $150 per person at each ski week. Keep in mind, you'll be saving MUCH MORE than that when you take advantage of our discounts on lodging and lift tickets, as well as rentals, ski school and retail!

Q: How can I order Delta Ski & Snowboard Club hats, shirts, and other items?

A: As a member of the club, you'll receive lots of information about items we have in our Club store, discount programs we have with national ski and outdoor retailers, and special Delta Ski & Snowboard Club catalogs we have with our retail partners.

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